Energi ur havets vågor låter ju som en dröm. Vi har tidigare en länk i kategorin FörnyarEnergi i höger kolumn: VågEnergiOmvandlare. Där står på svenska om en teknik. Men nu har en annan teknik givit den första kommersiella anläggningen. Den har invigts i Portugal. Först fattade jag inte hur det funkar tekniskt. Men sen hitta jag denna 54 sekunders video på engelska från Greenpeace UK på youtube. [youtube F0mzrbfzUpM]

Klicka här för nyhetsvideo från brittisk TV och utdrag ur meddelande från EU:s Aktionsplan för Miljöteknik(ETAP)!

ETAP: ”A joint venture between three corporations has led to the opening of the world’s first commercial wave farm off the coast of Aguçadoura, in Northern Portugal. Financial organisation Babcock & Brown teamed-up with energy company Energias de Portugal (EDP) and UK-based engineering firm Pelamis Wave Power to establish ‘Ondas de Portugal’. This partnership will cultivate projects that investigate wave-power production.

The Aguçadoura Wave Park will initially consist of three Pelamis wave energy converters situated 5 km off the coast. The semi-submerged ‘snakes’ are 140-m long and are articulated structures composed of cylindrical sections linked by hinged joints. The Pelamis equipment converts the up-and-down movement of waves into electricity. As the waves move the cylinders, hydraulic rams are pushed, which in turn pump high-pressure oil through turbines inside the cylinders to create electricity. The electrical energy is then brought ashore by a submarine cable.

The size of the Aguçadoura Wave Park development is expected to grow in the coming years to include 25 machines. This second phase development will enhance the capacity of the site, and will enable an output of 25 MW. Once the Aguçadoura Wave Park reaches this capacity it will be able to cater to 15,000 homes in the area. While meeting the demands of these houses, the site will provide the added benefit of displacing no less than 60,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per annum.”

   [youtube 7k5r89IseEM]