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We are just starting to develop this special page for anglophone people. Google analytics has shown that there are quite some anglophone visitors. Our ambition is to switch to an international focus. Therefore we look forward to contacts from outside of Sweden. We read the nordic languages, as well as english, french, german, spanish and italian. We will reply in English.

An Eco innovation is a hope for a better future. That hope is a joy in itself. Commercial success comes from the spreading of the innovation. We want many people to enjoy the hope for a better future that is generated by eco innovations. Please offer your thoughts by email to: info (@) ecoinnovation.se !

Our slogan is: More happy people! An improved environment! Money to the innovators.

The Environment will get better as Eco innovations  spread commercially. The innovations may be radical or they may lead to gradual improvements. Anyway, they spread because they are profitable for the customers. The environmental improvement is just an added benefit. To solve the environmental issues facing mankind we need solutions that people want to apply irrespective of what governments and NGO:s say. Please help us spread such solutions! 

A major issue is money for the innovators. This is a personal conclusion of mine. Based on many contacts and bits and pieces of information, I think that a lot of really good innovations just die without really reaching the market. An important reason is that the innovators are too weak in relation to those organisations that offer them cooperation. Please help us increase the competition between those who want to make money out of the result of the work of the innovators.

If you represent an eco innovation with an external verification, I would very much appreciate an email. I list eco innovations from several countries in the right side-bar. This service of mine is free of charge.

You will reach us by e-mail: info(@)ecoinnovation.se or by phone +46 (0)70 299 47 62. I conclude with a pic of me by the John Lennon-wall in Prague. Imagine all the good that has alreday come out of eco innovations. I think they also contribute to peace and prosperity. 

Greetings from

Erik Sandström, CEO
Eco Innovation AB
Science Park
Gjuterigatan 9
SE 553 12 Jönköping